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Visuals are crucial in the world of fashion. Therefore, it makes sense that many fashion enthusiasts turn to Instagram and fashion blogs to satisfy their need for all things fashionable.


Instagram is great for outfits of the day (OOTDs) for instant fashion inspiration. However, professional fashionistas turn to blogs to write about trends, advice, and the most recent developments in fashion. Not in the most stylish mood today? Fashion blogs might motivate you to dress appropriately even on those sleepy mornings. Have you seen this season’s trendiest trends? You may learn a lot from these blogs about what kind of clothing and colors look best on different body types. They may also give you suggestions on how to combine and match items to make a dozen gorgeous ensembles without spending a fortune.

The rise of Instagram influencers and stylists with a keen eye for style opened the path for the bloggers on our list to acquire a sizable online following. Many of these bloggers got their start on social media when their following took notice of their excellent sense of fashion. Even though they have their website, most of them are still active on YouTube and Instagram.


Atlantic-Pacific style

Blair Eadie, the designer of Atlantic-Pacific, has been in the fashion business for a while. She has deep knowledge of how the industry has changed over time and has worked for companies like Tory Burch and Gap. To express her personal fashion aesthetic, which she defines as “east-meets-west-coast,” she launched Atlantic-Pacific in 2010. Over 1.7 million of her Instagram followers are evidence of her large social media presence.

With numerous brands, including Nordstrom, Amazon, Sephora, CoverGirl, Gucci, and many more, she has worked as an influencer. Additionally, she has worked on international ads for upscale publications including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.

Her website has eye-catching pictures of the most popular styles, along with advice on what to wear and where to get it. Another fantastic aspect of Atlantic-Pacific is the frequently updated FAQs that Eadie writes, where she answers queries from fans and followers.

  1. The Daylight

the fashion industry in Daylight

Ashleigh Hutchinson of The Daylight encourages her readers to create their ideal wardrobe. Ashleigh is especially interested in helping older ladies feel secure in their style. She aims to disprove the notion that certain trends are only appropriate for a certain age range. Age is merely a number is at the core of Ashleigh’s attitude.

Ashleigh’s blog is full of tips for everyday women on how to dress better with the clothes they already own or how to create a capsule wardrobe. She has written blog entries, e-books, and even hosted online webinars to assist individuals in developing their sense of style.Ashleigh regularly publishes “How To” articles that are frequently customized to speak to a specific audience subset. She has published articles targeted at women of various ages:


How to Dress in Shorts When You’re 40


How to Style Shorts in Your Fifties


What to Wear When You’re 60


  1. Canvas Egg

Director of design at Egg Canvas

Erica Choi, a New York-based creative director, and photographer created the whimsically titled Egg Canvas.

Why is it called Egg Canvas? Erica’s childhood nickname in Korean, which means “egg,” served as inspiration, and “canvas” refers to the material used to make art. She so lives “Egg Canvas,” painting beautiful things every day on a white canvas. Erica has a sharp eye for design and is a graduate of graphic design school. The entries on Egg Canvas are complemented by brief writing and lovely photographs.

A portion of the site featuring the most recent New York Fashion Week is present, along with a guide to NYC.

  1. The Trendy Guitar

The Fashion Guitar is Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haran’s website blog. She is a Dutch native.

Before deciding to start her own, Charlotte had experience working with fashion blogs in one of her previous positions. The Fashion Guitar is Charlotte’s style blog, showcasing her sense of style. Her maternity and motherhood style were organically featured in the postings after she had children, and they eventually took up a large portion of the website. Charlotte enjoys working with her favorite designers and businesses since she has done so.

Nine categories are used by The Fashion Guitar to divide up its posts:

Brand Partnerships


Editorial Photographs

Style Week


Mommy Style



5 Days 5 Methods


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